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Name:Laminated EOE 401#
Model:Laminated EOE 401#
Package:1000箱(cartons) / 1000000片(pcs) / 20’FT
Carton Size:510*230*225mm
Qty:1000片(pcs) / 箱 (carton)

Advantages of Laminated Steel

Free from toxic/Food Safety: Keeping food hygienic and safe because of the film constituting no hazardous substance and the process without the adhesive and solvent.

Environment-friendly: No solvent and exhaust emission without coating and curing process, accordingly there is less pollution and energy consumption. 

Resource-saving: Recyclable and liable to reuse both of film and steel base.


Baosteel’s laminated steel can be used as packaging material not only for food and beverage but also for chemicals such as oil, paint,polisher, spray agent. It is liable to be shaped into can bodies and accessories including DRD (Draw & redraw) can, DWI (Draw-Wall-Iron) can, twist off cap, EOE(Easy-Open-End), top ends,other 2-piece can bodies, and so forth.

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