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  Xiangda Enterprise 

      Xiangda Enterprise founded in 1994, is an integrated enterprise group for Can producing and processing, and steel trading, who constitutes by Fujian Xianda Can-Making Co., Ltd.; Zhangzhou Minda Tinplate printing Co., Ltd.; Fujian Jinruida Metal Packaging Co., Ltd.; Heze Xiangda Can-Making Industrial & Trade Co., Ltd.; Fujian Xiangda Trading Co., Ltd.; Fujian Xiangda Import & Export Co., Ltd.; Guangzhou Tengze Commercial & Trading Co., Ltd.; Shanghai Xianglong Industrial & Trading Co., Ltd.; as well as the branch factory in Guangxi Province.

      Over the years, with hard effort from all companies, as well as market demand, Xiangda Enterprise continuously introducing advanced shearing stands, coating or printing equipments, and Can/End Making systems from either International or Mainland China. Now Xiangda Enterprise owns Eight shearing lines, Nine Tinplate printing or coating lines, Nine Normal End making lines, Four Easy Open End making lines, and Sixteen Can-Making lines. The annual production capacity is over 100 thousand Metric Tons, which also growing year by year. Meanwhile, Xiangda Enterprise also focus on Human Resource Team Building, by introduced professional skillful trained personal, and give specialized technical training to its employees, together company and employees supporting each other to fly higher.


Qualification and Certification

ISO9001:2000 quality managementsystem certification;

Food hygiene license;

Memorandum of food-direct contact forexport

Memorandum of food packing for import andexport

The member of Fujian Business Association;

The member of China Packaging FederationGroups;

The member of Commerce Chamber for Exporting Agricultural Processed Products.

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